Butch’s Smack Your Lips BBQ

Mt. Laurel, NJ

Butch Lupinetti was a jovial, colorful, kissing pitmaster who left his New Jersey home every spring and summer and traveled across the country competing and winning awards for decades. His proudest achievement came when he won a Throwdown against Bobby Flay on the Food Network. At his passing, he held over 500 national and international awards. Now his daughter, Aly Lupinetti, and her husband, Matt Meyer, continue in those winning ways. They cook their meat North Carolina style, using a dry rub which contains a blend of 30 different spices. Their sauces (gluten free) compliment the flavor and come in 5 varieties, Mild, Spicy Sweet, Happy Apple, Pyro and, if you dare, Super Pyro! Remember Butch’s mantra “Cook ’em low, cook ’em slow, serve no swine before it’s time!”

History: 4th 2014, People’s Choice 2008, People’s Choice 2006, 1st 2005