Carson City BBQ

Carson City, NV

Carson City BBQ is one of Nevada’s most award-winning barbecue companies! Their first contest was the Arizona Rib Round Up. They tried their luck again at the Best on the Mountain Horizon Rib Cook-Off and won Best Sauce. Following this, they won 1st or 2nd place for sauce and 1st place for ribs over the next five years. In 1998, they entered the Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-Off for the first time! Carson City BBQ also offers year-round catering.

History: 1998 5th Place, 1999 5th Place, 2001 People’s Choice, 2001 1st Place Best Sauce, 2003 People’s Choice, 2004 1st Place Best Sauce, 2009 1st Place Best Sauce, 2017 4th Place