Porky Chicks BBQ

Fayetteville, AR

Mark Grant has 34 years of experience in food service. In 2006 he became the owner of Porky Chicks BBQ which was a dream come true. During that time, he started participating in BBQ competitions nationwide and developed a desire to compete and produce quality BBQ. For the past 12 years, he has competed in some of the largest U.S. and Canadian BBQ competitions earning an exceptional reputation in food quality and service. For this reason, he continues to receive invitations to some of the top food festivals in America and Canada.

With over 150 wins Across the US, Porky chicks BBQ has become known for their tender and mouthwatering ribs. He has won multiple awards for his ribs including 1st place in ribs at Canada’s largest rib fest and 1st place ribs 2 years in a row at the NFL draft party in Phoenix, Arizona. Besides, who knows a rib better than a razorback? But it isn’t just the ribs that bring customers to his booth. It’s the smell of slow cooked Brisket and pork, with his delicious homemade dry rub under a fire filled with hickory wood. This style of pit mastery has landed him on multiple news channels, newspapers, and given him a chance at some of the largest shows worldwide. He has traveled across the United States and he is now bringing his top line BBQ to the largest rib fest in the US, the Nugget Rib Cook Off.