Rasta Joe’s BBQ Inc.

Rochester, IN

In 1993, “Rasta Joe” Alexander turned his passion for barbecuing into a national award-winning business. The accolades and prize money started rolling in when Rasta Joe perfected his “Jamaican Style” sauce recipe after five trips to the Caribbean, where Joe discovered that blending local spices and flavorings – including Jamaican Rum – livened up his barbecue sauce even more. Considered by many to be one of the country’s top BBQ chefs, Rasta Joe continues to win national rib cook-off competitions from coast to coast. Joe takes his Southern Pride 700 Cooker on the traditional summer festival and fundraising circuit.

History: 1st 2016, 3rd 2010, 2nd 2004, 5th 2002, 3rd 2000, 2nd 1998, 5th 1997, Best Sauce 1997, 3rd 1996