Texas Outlaw Barbecue

Elizabethtown, KY

Jim Clayton, Owner of Texas Outlaw BBQ, has been a top competitor at the Nugget’s Best in the West Rib Cook-Off for over 25 years. Texas Outlaw BBQ is always a crowd favorite. What distinguishes this rib team is not the rub, the sauce, or the smoke, but the method they use. This rib team prefers the old fashioned method of cooking their BBQ by opting for lump charcoal and select woods. Texas Outlaw is one of the most award winning BBQ teams in North America, touting more than 300 national titles. Jim has also had the privilege of appearing on the Food Network and was featured on the Best in the West Segment. They are the only five time winner of the second largest rib cook-off in North America, the Naperville Rib Fest. Jim welcomes you to stop by anytime for a chat or some barbecue advice!

History: 5th 2016, 5th 2015, 2nd 2013, 3rd 2008, 1st 2003, 1st 2002, 1st 2000, 2nd 1999, 2nd 1994